Sunday, April 17, 2011

last night's parties.

 1. print neon dress BCBG.   2. leather blazer ASOS.   3. neon yellow skinny belt ASOS.   4. winter legging American Apparel.   5. boots Sam Edelman.   6. blue-grey leather hobo Onna Erlich.

We went out to celebrate Karen's birthday with drinks and sport improv theatre at Unexpected Productions in Post Alley near Pike Place.  It was my first time at an improv show... it was fantastic! I will surely attend again.

Afterwards, we headed over to Bathtub Gin & Co. for some more drinks.  Marcus, the bartender, was great.  Everyone there had a story to tell and was incredibly friendly.  I also managed to devour an entire foot long polish hot dog (from the street vendor) while there... It was a heroic feat (for me, at least).

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