Tuesday, January 24, 2012

winter chill.

We've been having just a bitter cold here! However it is incomparable to some winters past, but I just can't seem to get used to the cold... I'm not sure how I survived as a child when we migrated from Honolulu to Boston with it's harsh winters! It's amazing how adaptable our bodies are as children. My fiance says it's all about having a mental state of warmth, but I try and try and it never works for me!

Anyway, I had to suck it up while doing a shoot with the adorable Jessika Levine. I thoroughly enjoyed our photo shoot outing up north by the ferry dock, though my hands, toes and face were numb from it. I believe it was raining the entire shoot, but it aided in the wet look :) Here's some shots from our shoot:

First Look:   1. intarsia sweater Vince  2. l/s black shirt Free People  3. knit buckle skirt Forever 21  4. plaid knit tights Bloomingdales   5. buckle boots Aldo  6. knit infinity scarf Forever 21

Second Look:   1. intarsia crop cardigan L.A.M.B.  2. orange bardot dress ASOS  3. leatherette skirt Forever 21  4. black nylons   5. shearling clog booties BCBG

Third Look:   1. fair isle sweater dress Urban Outfitters  2. orange bardot dress ASOS  3. waist belt UO  4. infinity scarf Forever 21  5. buckle booties Sam Edelman

You can check out more of her photos here.

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