Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Air

February in Seattle is that wonderful mix of cool air with bright sun. Some days more of one or the other. Lately it's been a fantastic mix of crisp air, yet enough sun to warm up your bones. I'm a big fan of sunshine, so I welcome all sun that comes our way.

It's really been great living so close to the water, as well, check out these shots of Elliott Bay. I think I may have spotted a seal or an otter, but I can't be sure!

It's still too cold out for bare legs, at least in my opinion, so these microsuede leggings are a treat! They are incredibly soft to the touch, yet keep me warm enough without being uncomfortable.

My other key to being warm is this great faux fur vest. This vest by Romeo & Juliet couture is great. I love anything with varied colours, it gives me more styling options, and this one is darling!

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